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The Royal Institute of Art in the center of Stockholm is Sweden's oldest and largest institution of higher learning for fine arts. The school is currently in a phase of rapid development, aiming to create the art education of the future. We are looking for a professor in art theory and history of ideas of art

Description of the field

The art theory and history of ideas of art chair has its basis in the crucial importance of art criticism to the creation of art. As an ideal applicant you will have authored a strong critical and essayistic body of writing, and published outside the realm of traditional artistic research. Your body of writing positions itself within contemporary art and develops the theoretical and historical discourses of art based on the field of practices that define it.                                           

It is crucial that you be able to work with theoretical issues in an interesting and engaging manner, together with students and in close connection to their artistic work.

Job description 

Beyond teaching the master’s seminar in art theory you will apply art theory and history to various aspects of teaching and in innovative ways alongside students and other teachers. Teaching writing is a natural aspect of this position; among other things you will participate in advising students on their master’s thesis. It is crucial to your position that you continue to be active as an writer, thus 50 percent of the period of employment will be set aside for artistic research based on your writing practice.

Responsibilities may also include management; there is an opportunity to apply for the assignment as area manager for architecture and critical studies at 40 percent for two years. The area manager assignment would cut into research time, but not affect teaching time. The reduced research time would be made up at a later date.

Responsibilities also include:

  • developing, driving, examining, and being responsible for education in the field
  • developing the field at the school and contributing to developing pedagogy at the school
  • collaborating with all teachers in planning the curriculum
  • collaborating with other teachers in the area of architecture and critical studies
  • participating in school-wide work
  • following the evolution of the field nationally and internationally
  • participating in and developing the school's national and international network in the field
  • conducting your own artistic research


The qualifications for being hired as professor on an artistic basis include:

  • proven artistic skill, especially in the field of art criticism and essayistic-writing
  • proven pedagogical skill

The Royal Institute of Art places special weight on artistic skill. Artistic skill is demonstrated through a well-documented independent art-critical and essayistic practice at a high level with a personal qualified body of writing.

Assessment criteria

Pedagogical skill includes:

  • excellent ability to stimulate and develop the learning processes of researchers, Ph.D. candidates, and students
  • good ability to develop pedagogy

Pedagogical skill also includes pedagogical engagement, as well as a well-developed pedagogical outlook and vision for teaching.

Other assessment criteria for the position include:

  • excelent ability to build, lead, and develop instruction within the field at every educational level at the school, in close dialogue with the artistic work of the students
  • good ability to collaborate with other institutions of higher learning and society at large in Sweden and internationally
  • administrative skill and comprehensive planning ability
  • good collaborative ability, sense of responsibility, and mature leadership
  • experience in working closely with practice-based art projects as a critic and writer
  • personal work as critic and writer dealing with the relation between theory and artistic practice in an original manner
  • comprehensive as well as broad knowledge of the various areas of art theory and of the history of art theory and neighboring disciplines
  • a very good ability to relate epistemological and ontological issues to practice-based artistic processes
  • excellent ability to relate contemporary art to larger events in the history of ideas and cultural narratives
  • excellent ability to generate interest in the field among the student body
  • good international overview of the field
  • being active in international networks in the field

The position demands good knowledge of spoken as well as written English.

The position

The position is art-based and full-time, the period of employment is five years. The appointment may be extended. The total period of employment may not, however, exceed ten years. Work within the school at large, as well as administrative work is part of the job description. Time set aside for artistic research and artistic development makes up 50 percent of the period of employment.

The Royal Institute of Art values the advantages of even gender distribution and ethnic and cultural diversity and we welcome applicants who contribute to this. 

Attached documents

The applicants must attach the following to their application, in English; in digital format only, via the application portal:

  • Introductory cover letter
  • Substantiated CV that conveys the extent of artistic skill and pedagogical activity
  • 4 – 6 digital samples of your work
  • A statement of the applicant’s pedagogical outlook and an example of a relevant syllabus that the applicant would like to develop (no more than 2 pages (A4, 12pt)
  • A statement specifying the applicant's specialized knowledge in the field as well as research interests (no more than 2 pages (A4, 12 pt.)
  • Three references with contact information, one of which must attest to the applicant's pedagogical skill
  • Any other information that the applicant would like to be considered

Incomplete applications will not be considered and cannot be completed after the application deadline.

Vice Chancellor Sara Arrhenius can answer further questions. HR Consultant Anna Teinert can answer questions regarding general employment conditions. Union representatives are Cecilia Sagrén (SACO) and Göran Svenborn (ST). All of the above people can be reached by phone at 08-614 40 00.

Please apply by 2019-04-10 marked with reference number: 2.4.1-56-2019


Type of employment Temporary position longer than 6 months
Contract type Full time
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100 %
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2019/7
Union representative
  • Cecilia Sagrén, SACO, 08-6144000
  • Göran Svenborn, ST, 08-6144000
Published 18.Feb.2019
Last application date 10.Apr.2019 11:59 PM CET

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